Getting Organized

When working, I’m often found either sitting at my desk or lounging on my couch. The couch, I’ll have to admit, means I’m “taking a small break.” The thing is, sometimes my couch does wonderful at giving me a little bit of inspiration, motivation, and creativity.

But my desk is likely where I’ll be sitting most of the day, and that means it’s where I get most of my work done. Why is the desk typically a more productive area, though? What makes it far more conducive to productivity and efficiency?

I’d argue it’s the fact that it feels more like a workspace than my couch. It feels like that’s where I should sit because I’m at my job, not lounging on a couch at home. But my work couch does quite well at not letting my productivity dip too much.

With all that said, though, desks are desks because they have room for storage, like drawers and the likes to hold everything that’s important.

But what useful items should you find in a desk? Or what is a staple of desks everywhere that you should find within? I mean, it’s far better to have that sort of storage within the surface you work most at rather than have most of your belongings and office supplies sitting in a few cheap moving boxes in the corner of your room, right?

Read on to see what I find to be the most useful items in desks.


You’ll never really be upset that you put a small roll of index cards with passwords on them somewhere in your desk. I mean, if anything this is more helpful than harmful. What’re the chances a coworker will actually get to rooting around in your desk? Pretty slim. So it’s not a bad idea to have your passwords close at hand in case you forgot a specific login for a company software.

Computer mouse.

Here’s the thing. If your company owns your computer and all of its accessories, that’s fine. But if you bring your own laptop and have financed your own peripheral equipment, like a mouse, it’s best to keep that thing in your desk rather than sitting on top of it. Especially if you have a nice computer mouse like me.

Pens and lined paper.

This should be something everyone has, but you’d be surprised how many people ask me for a piece of paper or a pen. Perhaps it’s because the more we go forward into the digital age, the less we need such things as pen and paper. But to me, you never know when you’ll need it in a pinch. If anything, remember those cheap moving boxes we mentioned before? Have a stack of paper in there that’s just random documents or scrap paper that has been ‘recycled’ from the office. There’s your perfect medium for scribbling down notes.