Tips To Move a Hot Tub

We know that you love that hot tub in your house. And, it can be very difficult to decide against taking that Jacuzzi to the new home you are moving. One thing that we can say with certainty is that moving it can be quite difficult. However, you can still do it if you plan its move and then execute it accordingly. Generally, a 56 square-foot hot tub weighs 900 pounds. And if you fill it with water, it weighs 6000 pounds. It simply means that you are going to have to do serious kind of weight lifting in order to move this heavy item. It would be even better if you hire professionals for this task. But then, you may not have big budget for this move. So, you are going to have to plan for this move, and you are going to require help from some of your strong friends.

In this article, we are going to briefly discuss how to move a hot tub without professional help.

Moving supplies

The first thing that you are going to require is the easy handling of your hot tub while moving. For this purpose, you can get help from the moving supplies. As a matter of fact, the moving supplies are also going to ensure safe transportation of Jacuzzi to its new destination. Items that you are going to require in this regard may include moving straps, furniture dollies, plywood pieces and cleaning supplies. You can also ask people at nearby home improvement store in this regard. They will suggest you the right option to go for.

Reserve a moving truck

To move the Jacuzzi, you are going to require a moving truck, which you can get on rent. The truck that you are going to rent should have a 15-feet long container attached to it. The inner dimensions of the container need to be no less than 15′ x 7’8″ x 7’2″ (L x W x H).

Get some help

Hot tub is a heavy item which you cannot move on your own. Therefore, you are going to require all the help you can get. This time, you are going to need to ask your friends if they can come over and help you with the lifting and moving of the tub to the moving truck. If you are unable to get this free help, you can hire labor-only movers. Keep in mind, you cannot move this heavy item on your own; therefore you should not try to do it without any help.

Clear the way

There is nothing to worry about in terms of clearing the way if your hot tub is located in a wide landscape. However, you definitely need to make sure that the route to moving track is clear if it is a narrow one. You will first need to do the measurements to determine if the width of the route allows easy movement of the tub. Moreover, you will need to clear the obstacles.

In the end, I would say that you need to hire professional movers if you can afford. The professional help is going to let sit back and relax while they will be do the seriously heavy lifting.


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